Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
+34 645 801 266

Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
+34 676 901 959

Vía de los Poblados


Surface2700 M2



The project is a coworking space situated in the North of Madrid. It’s placed in one of the floors of a office’s building. The building has two parallel volumes communicated by a central core, a symmetry that we break down with the placement of the Business Area in one of the two wings. This space is connected directly with the vertical core and the access area. The optimization of the offices plan is the other goal of the project.

The agora is a hinge between the reception and the Business Club. As a lighthouse, with a luminescent wall, reinforce the light of the worst natural illuminated space. To achieve this effect we use a translucent cellular polycarbonate to close the room. This material it’s combinate with natural wood that create the organic stands.

As a consequence of the narrow and long plan, we decide to place the cafeteria in the center of the longitudinal axis. Allowing the pedestrian circulation in both sides, we generate a leisure isle to the meeting. The space can be closed if it’s necessary to embrace other activities with big curtains in both sides. The materials and colors have been selected carefully to create an unique space in between the calm of the offices. The walls are finished with blue tiles and the soft seating has a vivid orange leather, combinate with the metal bar, space that stands out among the warmth of the surroundings spaces.