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About us

Monochrome is an architecture and design studio merged by the belief that design defines human lives

This approach is the basis for any project we are involved, we do not follow aesthetic dogmas or established rules, looking for the singularity of every project in order to create spaces, buildings and products to inspire our live


Sergio Sañudo

Partner and Director Málaga

Architect by Alcalá de Henares University with deep interest in the refurbishment. Following new ways of human being relation and living he looks to develop new architecture typologies, new ways to understand the spaces around us. Nature and travelling help him to find his own space

Alvaro Fernández

Partner and Director Madrid

Technical Architect by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Architect. Traveller and design
enthusiastic. Professionally in love with the architecture details and the social connection around them. Collector of good moments and sneakers, Rock don't Stock!

David Soriano

Architect Associate

Architect by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Destiny and live took him to develop his career in the interior design field. This professional conversion made him a detail freak, even worst, he took this approach in absolutely all the aspects of his life, not kidding...absolutely on everything

Daniel Cueto


Architect by E.T.S.A. of Granada and doctor in Architecture by the Málaga University, he had the opportunity of developing the architecture career together with development aid in other regions. Passionate for the architecture and design from an entrepreneur perspective, combined with the search of new ways of communication and life

José Luis Ramos

Architect (BIM)

Architect by E.T.S.A Granada and BIM Manager by CEU San Pablo Andalucía. He defines himself as a restless mind, always looking to explore new ways of live between architecture and nowadays manners. Passionate by BIM methodology, from processes to full implementation in the new construction model

Martina Almela


Architect by the E.T.S.A - UPV de Valencia, and with a master degree in computer design and graphics in E.T.S.A.M. Her interest for the art and technical is the key of her search to find the communication approach of a project, or a story. She explores the link between the mind of the architect and the real world

Marina Fernández

Architect (BIM)

Architect by the E.T.S.A of Málaga and BIM Manager by the CEU San Pablo Andalucía. Her interest for the balance between the architecture, interior and product design as basics of the project. Very organised, she managed all the BIM methodology with a very meticulous approach, making design and production process very efficient.

Jorge Rodríguez

Architect (BIM)

Architect by E.T.S.A.Sevilla and BIM Manager by RF-AECO, he pursues to be the link between technical and creative world. With an innate curiosity, human elements are always his cup of tea. After finishing his Interior Design’s Degree at ESDesignBarcelona, he supports the meaning of “Less is Bore”

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