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Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
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EUROPAN 16: Habitable temporality


Surface40000 M2




Winning project for the Europan 16 - Living Cities in Almendralejo. This municipality located in Extremadura, Spain has a migrant population that during the fruit-picking months, can oscillates between 7,000 and 9,000. With the aim of creating bonds between locals and seasonal workers, a complex in poor condition will be refurbished. Located in the slum of San José, the Marquis’s Apartments, as they are called, are 160 social-housing units distributed in 18 blocks.

We face the the social issue between seasonal workers and local neighborhoods in an architectural way. The goal is the refurbishment of a social complex which is in very bad conditions. We propose a recycling solution, renovating the apartments that are not adaptated to the demand. The solution is simple and sustainable, an anexed exterior structure in façade to increase the living space, add an elevator to assure an universal accesibility and organize the public space.
We bet for a project based in the participation of all citizens, with a negotiation table where from neighboors to seasonal workers could be listen. Always supported by the design team, the social workers, the landlords and the city council.

The proposal is based in 2 main actions
1) ARCHITECTURE: The existing building blocks need to add more public spaces, integrated within the buildings, since the urban full
2) URBAN: Across actions in the traffic, creating more open spaces, green corridos to escalate down the traffic and organise the interior circulation in the neighbourhood. Also we add some new character to the whole area, adding landmarks created by modern chimneys as connection with industrial past of the San José neighbourhood

The architecture proposal is follows 4 key points
removing all the poor condition housing located in the ground floors, we add retail areas, green corridors and public facilities to increase the urban space in the street level
Adding lifts and ramps into the existing buildings, we increase the accessibility to the building and to the city areas
The target is to create terraces around the existing buildings, like a second skin that will work as a nursery around the buildings, it create a new look for the buildings and improve the environmental conditions, it changes drastically building design and conditions
Changing existing slope roofs into flat slabs, we will create common spaces into each building that will create new areas for neighbours activities such framing, workout, hang out washing, also we will create a new platform with pergolas and plants to make more attractive those spaces and improve the environmental respond of the buildings

One of the keys of the project is the human factor, the whole intervention needs to keep the existing live of the neighbourhood. The project therefore is proposed in phases, starting with the façades actions and the refurbishments of the empty apartments, ideally the citizens will move between different apartments completed until the whole interior interventions is done. Always aligned with the increase of people due to the temporary work agenda

The façade proposal, keep the existing character of the neighbourhood, very industrial past heritage. We kept this idea by creating locksmith and ceramic solutions for the new façade adding structures. Always aligned with the existing environmental and weather conditions of Almendralejo