Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
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Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
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Surface2780 M2



Full refurbishment of the existing Axa Insurance company building in Bilbao, to create a new office space. The building has a heritage protection in the main façade, the proposal combine share working spaces, meeting rooms and private offices

Building from XIX century located in the city centre of Bilbao, where Estudio Monochrome proposes a full refurbishment for both interior and exterior, keeping building features and identity

In the ground floor the design proposed the combination of few existing retail shops in order to enlarge the previous reception area, the existence of a back of house stair to the basement is developed in order to create a very bright stair in pink colour, that will bring natural light into the basement floor and will become the main visual feature of the ground floor

The idea is not only bring natural light and improve accessibility to the basement, we wanted to create a landmark, adding special character to the stair as main contact with visitors at the entrance, and as eye catcher from the exterior

All the main co-working space and common areas are located in the 2 top floors of the building; The layout solves all the requirements than a tenant may need for the daily use. The penthouse is designed to bring privacy to the users of the co-working, where meeting rooms are placed and special amenities to work. The floor right below the penthouse is the more public area of the center, where cafeteria is located together with several soft seating areas, game room and coffee booths