Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
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Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
+34 676 901 959

Urquijo Palace


Surface3470 M2



The project try to give back life to the old Urquijo Palace located near by the leisure harbour. The building was abandoned in 1998, after having different activities during all his life. The challenge was to add a new character all the complex and link the new proposal with the city and the people.

The first impression of the building was very shocking, we found an architectural landmark that has been completely abandoned, the previous tenant was a bank and it remains in the basement the main safe and offices distributed in the top floors, the feelings are strange, a mix of uneasiness and motivation to bring this landmark back to life

We first try to re-connect the city and the building, they were literally separated by decades, we transform the existing front patio into a public area, it will be open to Gijón and their people and it will become as an outdoor foyer to the building.

At the basement, where previously we found security area of the bank, very dark zones without windows or ventilation, we create a business club zone, bring light into by the creation of openings and increase ventilation accordingly. The program includes the cafeteria, Meeting room, relaxation areas and more
At the mezzanine floor we proposed the reception and main connection area with the city, the access is across a heritage staircase in the front patio

In the top floors we create all the office complex, totally opened to the view of Gijón, we have a new terrace at the very top of the building, where a 360 view of the city is possible

We find a very high responsibility during this project, it is a very representative building fro Gijón, and you need to take into account the story, the character, and the meaning it has to the people
All these needs to be mixed and combined to find the project requirements for today and for tomorrow