Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
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Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
+34 676 901 959

María de Molina


Surface2100 M2



Co-working spaces located in Madrid city centre and distributed across 5 stories. The ground floor is main building hall, small area connected to the building core, since area ir not large enough to hold part of the co-working area, we proposed a waiting area, dividing the lift hall and main façade. This area needs to bring the character of the design to the street, provide a charm welcome to clients and externals, and keep visual of the vertical circulation to the main areas

First floor ir proposed as main Business Club. Due to building floor plan, narrow and long, the required program is design aligned with main façade, creating different areas connected across a long corridor parallel to the façade. All the areas keep privacy and connection as the same time, by designing full height shelving joinery units opened to both sides

Design finishes are based in warm colours aligned with existing façade finish, this proposal of reddish and mustard colours is perfectly combined with wood, marble and white Corian. The plants distribution proposal, type and location bring the nature inside the building