Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
+34 645 801 266

Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
+34 676 901 959

Green Academy


Surface2800 M2



Green academy project is a public competition for the renovation of existing industrial building in order to create a new public space to share special innovation projects. The programme includes the use of sustainable construction techniques as well as the development of ecological activities

We propose to clean the existing building up and remain the existing concrete structure.
This structure will become a huge concrete shelving structure to insert timber modules specially design to hold different spaces required on the project program. Green design is aligned with the production/transportation and maintenance to the timber modules, this will be provide and arrange based on the building requirements

Following the sustainability criteria, the timber modules are reusable, recyclables and easy to transport due to dimensions and structure systems. The façade will be defined by the layout of these timber modules, creating a live building that changes across the programme requirements