Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
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Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
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Surface3114 M2



The project is located in the Tower BBVA of Madrid, It is one of the most important buildings of Saez de Oiza and is recognized by the heritage council of Madrid as very important asset. The intervention take up three levels of the tower.

The concept is simple, actually we have no doubts, at the very first moment we get into the double height floor, we had clear approach for this project, the designs needs to increase the existing architecture design. We place there the core of the project, the Business Club with the cafeteria area that take advantage of this wonderful space. The concrete beams remain naked in all the floor, also over the meeting rooms and the dedicated desk zone.

Starting from this concept approach, it was simple, less is more. The mood board was confirmed in three finishes only, and the layout approach was built by glass partitions to bring the exterior to the inside, finally we have the Tower, that´s all. Simple but great.

Finally we have a very detail finishes in the joinery elements and color notes added by the furniture and decoration

The whole project, we mean the Tower and the interior design, become as one, this way both are the main actors, working together. The finishes of the project include natural timber veneer, resin flooring in neutral color, mirrors in walls and columns to increase the tower features, and balanced colors added by the decoration and loose furniture.