Director Estudio – Álvaro Fernández
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Director Estudio – Sergio Sañudo
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Swimming pool Arenas


Surface4900 M2




Special mention to our proposal of the international architecture competition of the indoor swimming pool facility and training areas in Arenas de San Pedro, Ávila

The new swimming pool of Arenas de San Pedro is designed as a compact volume inside a natural valley. The proposal looks to be part of the surrounding nature, between the Gredos mountains and Tiétar river, it is then proposed a very natural building built as natural stone to contain the water of the facility.

The building shape, let take conscious of the surroundings as an activity related with the nature. The building is located at the south limit of the land plot what lets create a open space in the north side. this area is designed as Plaza to interlink the people and the building
The façade is designed as fibre-cement stone cladding system, this massive structure is combined with different permeable spaces to link the people and the building, take the required light from the exterior but keeping the right privacy. All the main cladding system is built over a half meter high concrete wall to connect with the land

In the interior we try to create a very natural space, we create a modern cave, where the water, hidden gardens and exterior light comes from different perspectives, as a reference of the near caves of the Águila
The interior-exterior connection of the nature is achieved across a large window in the main swimming area that let you discover the Gredos mountains

The project tried to use local resources to reduce the environment cost of the construction, as well as the final cost of the project. We reduce the movement of lands during the construction at the minimum, the used of prebuilt structures and the used of natural resources of the surrounding areas